Artist Statement

I photograph to better understand who I was, am, and will be. These three different parts of myself are shaped by where I am and who is around me. I find inspiration no matter where I am. I am influenced by the stories I remember being read to me as I grew up, the meals my mother cooks, and the tiny little town I live in. Small moments that may otherwise go undocumented and unremembered become monumental in my memories and in my photographs. Although most of these memories are clear and complete, I cannot remember my life from the ages of eight to twelve years old. Of course, I am curious to the reason why, but instead of searching for the past, I create new memories with my photographs of Runi. I wonder how these missing memories will affect my future and try to draw clues from the one surviving relationship in my life, my grandparents. And as I try to understand what I have lost, I create photographs of myself that deteriorate over time, just like my memories.