A Lifetime More or Less


The one surviving marriage in my life is the marriage of my maternal grandparents. I have never seen them be affectionate with each other and as they age I watch my grandmother and grandfather live two separate lives which come together out of convenience and necessity. My grandmother occupies her own space, lives her own life, and my grandfather does the same.

Recently, my grandmother has become confined to a wheelchair and I have been able to see her be dependent on my grandfather’s help for the first time in my life. Although there is little affection in my grandfather’s actions, he has helped my grandmother in more ways than I would have thought possible. If anything, I have learned that there is obligation in a lasting relationship, not just unending desire.

The relationships you form in life are influenced by the relationships around you. I wonder how my grandparent’s relationship will influence my future relationships. By documenting and studying their marriage, I aim to determine what I want in my future.